Welcome To Nature Lodge Kinabatangan

Located along the Sungai Kinabatangan, our lodge is the only trace of civilisation within the proximity. Be prepared to get all misty eyed over the surreal lush greenery, intended to be left untouched for your viewing pleasure. It is, of course, free to indulge yourself with nature’s most promising scenery.

Staying in Nature Lodge Kinabatangan, you will pass through a little village known as Kampung Bilit ~ where the people’s lives are simple and absolutely remote from the outside world.

The Nature Lodge

Nature Lodge Kinabatangan is a perfect place to experience the life of Orang Sungai. Nonetheless, the lodge does boast western amenities too.

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Kampung Bilit

Kampung Bilit is a small village dense with 150-180 people whose livelihood depends very much on fishing and craftworks.

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Activities To Enjoy

There are many natural oxbow lakes along Sungai Kinabatangan. It is a blessing that behind our lodge is an ox-bow lake known as Danau Bilit.

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Getting There

The closest town is Sandakan. Since bus journey to Sandakan takes approximately 7 hours from Kota Kinabalu city, the prevalent way of reaching Sandakan is by air.

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Staying There

We understand your needs to recharge all the gadgets that are a necessity to capture the moments of your travels, so we recently upgraded our lodge with electricity!

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Conservation Program

As you might have known, the lower 70 – 100km of the Kinabatangan River flows through low-lying ground, forming the Kinabatangan Floodplain.

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