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Welcome to Nature Lodge Kinabatangan

Located along the Sungai Kinabatangan, our lodge is the only trace of civilisation within the proximity. Be prepared to get all misty eyed over the surreal lush greenery, intended to be left untouched for your viewing pleasure. It is, of course, free to indulge yourself with natureís most promising scenery.

Staying in Nature Lodge Kinabatangan, you will pass through a little village known as Kampung Bilit ~ where the peopleís lives are simple and absolutely remote from the outside world.

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You could bump into primates like the long-tailed and pig-tailed macaques, the amazing sounding gibbons, elusive tarsier and the great Orang Utans. You will also catch sight of Proboscis Monkeys, a primate that is found only in Borneo.

kinabatangan river borneo sabah proboscis monkey

Proboscis Monkey © Jibral
(nasalis larvatus)

Birds are all over the place. All 8 species of Hornbills are regular patrons of the riverbank greenery. Occasionally, rhinoceros hornbills will drop by to join the pack; basking below are crocodiles lazing the day away, especially during the dry season. At night, you will spot the cute nocturnal wide-eyed slow lorris.

Black and Yellow Broadbill (eurylaimus ochromalus)

Black and Yellow Broadbill © PPB
(eurylaimus ochromalus)

The rainy season that strikes during November to March causes flood around the Kinabatangan river. As our lodge is strategically located on higher plains, the flood does not affect us. So it is possible to stay in Nature Lodge Kinabatangan all year round.

Crested Serpent Eagle (spilornis cheela)

Crested Serpent Eagle © PPB
(spilornis cheela)

In fact, it is during the humid months that more animals are seen (and less crocodiles are basking nearby). Not to mention, behind Nature Lodge Kinabatangan is an oxbow lake where you can easily see the wonderful otters. Bird sighting is amazing here. The oxbow lake is just a stoneís throw from the lodge, equivalent to an hourís walk.

Black-backed Kingfisher (ceyx erithacus)

Black-backed Kingfisher © Jibral
(ceyx erithacus)

Since Kinabatangan is a wildlife sanctuary, obviously it will not be like a trip to the zoo. There is a slight possibility that some animals will shy away from you but we can guarantee that you will be able to spot at least 20 different types of wildlife.

kinabatangan river borneo sabah bird hornbill

Borneo's Hornbill

At the end of the day, these entire animals sighting depends on the skills of the person showing you around. At Nature Lodge Kinabatangan, our trekkers will make sure that you get to see all these exquisite creatures to maximize your adventurous trip to Sungai Kinabatangan.

Common Bronzeback (dendrelaphis pictus)

Common Bronzeback © PPB
(dendrelaphis pictus)

Ashy Tailor Bird (orthotomus ruficeps)

Ashy Tailor Bird © Jibral
(orthotomus ruficeps)

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