Kampung Bilit

Joining The Community

Kampung Bilit is a small village dense with 150-180 people whose livelihood depends very much on fishing and craftworks. The village consists of mainly of Orang Sungai –which literally means River People– one of Sabah’s many ethnics, who are hospitable and diverse in cultural heritage.

Majority of Orang Sungai are Muslims with some atheists. They would appreciate it if you wear decently and not expose too much of your body.

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The medium of instruction in Kampung Bilit is Malay. They wouldn’t understand English much less other languages than their own. However they are very friendly and are very fond of visitors. Don’t be surprised if they try to strike a conversation with you… using body language that is.

Flood Concern

The tropical rainy season is a combination of blue skies and 2-3 hours of rain. However in recent years, flood occurs between November and April around the Kinabatangan River due to the rainy season. Unlike most sites nearby the riverbanks, our lodge will not be underwater during these times. We are sited on rather higher plains so that the floods will neither affect the lodge nor your adventures.