The Nature Lodge Kinabatangan

Basic living

Being part of the village, our lodge does not stand out from the homes of the locals. We take pride in our Orang Sungai architecture and we blend into the nature environment.

Nature Lodge Kinabatangan is a perfect place to experience the life of Orang Sungai. Nonetheless, the lodge does boast western amenities too.

Choice of either our basic accommodation Civet Wing or if you want to pamper yourself, our more deluxe accommodation Agamid Wing. Either way, your stay will be memorable.

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Health concern

You should bring your medication along with you. If you suddenly find yourself unhealthy, inform our staff and we will see to it that you get medical attention as soon as possible. It is perfectly common to be dehydrated.

Children are more likely to suffer from it, as such we advise you to drink plenty of water. The nearest hospital is about 2 hours drive.

Irrigation System

The water is taken from Kinabatangan River. We have 4 large water tanks (about 400 gallons capacity each) and we store the water over night, letting any residue sink to the bottom. Thereafter, we pump the cleaner water to another tank where by we add chlorine to cleanse the water. The amount of chlorine added is as per advice of our local health department. The treated water is then pump into a pressure tank before being send to your room!

Drinking water served with the lodge is definitely boiled before being served. If however you are still doubtful, we sell drinking water in the staff corporation.

It is advisable not to drink the water straight off the taps.

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The Village Shop

Our staff corporation is a whole entity on its own, run by the local villagers for their livelihood. The village shop is run by villagers and the whole revenue goes to the village. It is erected as part of our social obligation to give something back to the village for accepting our lodge in their community.

The staff corporation is like a small sundry shop where you can buy insect repellant, leech socks, tidbits, and cold beverages like mineral water, beer and soft drinks. Rubber boots are also rented out here with sizes from 4-9 (UK size).


We provide breakfast at 7.30 a.m., lunch at 12.30 p.m., and afternoon tea at 4.30 p.m. and dinner at 8.30pm. If you are a vegetarian or on gluten free diet please inform us beforehand and we will happily assist you in preparing your meals. Generally we prepare halal food. Free flow of tea and coffee are available for you at all times.

Giving in to temptations

The rivers might be calling your name and ask you to submerge in the cool flowing water but we do not advise you to give in to the temptation because we have seen crocodiles looming nearby awaiting for its next victim for them to swallow up in one gulp.

Well, that’s a bit dramatic but seriously, we wouldn’t recommend you to bathe or float on or dip or swim in the Kinabatangan River and the lakes, lest you bump into your “friendly” neighbours.

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See you later, alligator!

However it is impossible for these creatures to ever get too friendly and actually creep up to the lodge. It is well-known that crocodiles are shy animals as they do not desire to be near a population-dense area, which Kampung Bilit is. So Nature Lodge Kinabatangan is very safe from them. In fact, there are only 1 to 2 solitary cases of crocodile-encounters in the whole of Sabah yearly.


Please avoid getting drunk while staying with us. It is very troublesome and it might spoil the holidays for other visitors. We do serve limited amount of beer and other alcoholic beverages. We have ZERO tolerance on drugs abuse, so do not even imagine of pulling a drug stunt.